Nerdy Bujoing Part 1: The Basics

January 12, 2017

While planners are often considered something your mom might use, bullet journaling is a system you can alter to be just the way you want it. In this series, I’ll be giving examples on how the bullet journal can work for any and every nerd. This post will be discussing some of the basics about what bullet journaling is, and how it can help with one of the most basic nerdy ways.

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MySpace Is BACK?? Cheers To MySpace Retro!

January 6, 2017

We all remember the good old days of MySpace. It is where a lot of us learned basic HTML for coding our blinged out profiles. It is where a lot of us found our favourite bands via the site’s music players. It is where we laughed as we caused turmoil throughout our friend groups by changing the order of our Top 8 on a weekly basis.

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