Animeland Wasabi

April 2, 2013

 Wasabi for the Soul

The excitement started a week before. As a stereotypical cosplayer, I procrastinated and eventually ended up packing in a panicky rush the night before. The hardest part was probably waiting through school and for the bell to ring, so I could hop in the car and head to Animeland Wasabi. It’s always so exciting when you start getting close to the hotel and you see the first of the cosplayers!

Upon arriving, I jumped in line with my friends to receive their preordered tickets. It was a long wait, lasting for almost three hours, due to a single line and photo i.ds. A good thing that came out of this was the line was set up along booths, giving the people something to do and look at while waiting. The dealer’s room was well ran; the booths were very organized in an interesting and functional set up. Every volunteer or guest I spoke to was very nice and helpful. The venue was rather small and received a few complaints, but I definitely don’t feel like it was as bad as some people were saying. A lot of the panels were great, and I heard things like the Maid Café were very cute and popular. The game room was also set up really well, with a large variety of games and even a chance to request new ones. The coolest part of the game room in my opinion was a little old style arcade game Fix-It Felix Jr from the new movie Wreck-It Ralph.

My top three favorite activities were just walking around in cosplay and chatting with people; Technosabi, the convention’s rave; and a game they had set up people called “Jousting”. Technosabi was held in the main events center, which was also small, but with the great light show and awesome music no one really minded. The jousting event was held in a room taken up mostly by an inflatable platform. Two small, round platforms protruded from the middle of the section, where one would stand. The objective of this game is to knock your opponent from his stage with a large foam rod.

 Other things I really enjoyed were the impromptu events some of the staff organized, like the Gagnam Style and Harlem Shake videos. They worked well and a blast to be a part of. Someone would run around the hotel telling people a time and place for the event and people would gather around when the time came. It was organized but still had a last minute feeling, something like a flash mob.

Overall I really enjoyed this convention. This was my second time attending Animeland Wasabi and I definitely don’t think it will be my last!