Carolina Games Summit 2013

April 1, 2013

NC D20 Girls Group photo by photonxsRunning on its eighth year, the Carolina Games Summit, which took place February 02, 2013 at Wayne Community College, in Goldsboro, was a force to be reckoned with.  The event was accurately summarized on the official Facebook page as, “…a hybrid festival of industry speakers, video game tournaments, product promotions, exhibition booths and educational sessions tailored to the whole family.”

From early morning, upon arrival of the exhibitors and staff, there was already a large gathering outside the doors, hours prior to the admittance time at 10am. The crowd, full of energy and enthusiasm to “get their game on,” showed no sign of displeasure, albeit braving the chilly morning weather. On the interior, staff and exhibitors (to include the Carolina D20 Girls, EA Games, FUNCOM and Rainbow Games) were frantically setting up, aiming to ensure an enjoyable experience for those awaiting entry.

Finally 10am came, the doors opened, and hoards of people flooded in. The campus was bustling with activity from all ends for the entirety of the event. The Carolina Games Summit was quite impressive, as it had a little something for everyone. Some Summit-goers perused around the exhibition booths, signing up for the Cosplay Contest ran by the Carolina D20 Girls, or pining for merchandise, from Steampunk to anime. Others went straight for the lectures and gaming tournaments (to include Tekken, League of Legends, Mortal Kombat, Dance Central and Dungeons and Dragons). Also throughout the day were musical acts such as D&D Sluggers, SkyBlew, and the lovely sounds of the Harp Twins, Camille and Kennerly closing out all the events leading to the coveted Awards ceremony.

Droves of people and groups spent the day competing in several available gaming categories to gain first, second, or third place in rankings for the Awards Ceremony. As the Harp Twins’ performance came to a close the auditorium, at which the Cosplay Contest and Awards Ceremony was to be held, filled at lightning speed.mikki, beth, L photo by photonxs

Opening the ceremony was the Cosplay Contest hosted by the D20 Girls, presented by Master of Ceremonies Momo Soto. The judges were two of Carolina D20 Girls’ very own; Chiki, NC D2O Manager, and Intraventus, alongside Mike Penny of PennyDreadful. The costumes judged ranged from Princess Zelda to a Metal Gear Solid Big Boss rendition of Deadmau5. Honorable Mentions (Judges Picks) were given to the cosplayers Subzero of Mortal Kombat, Yuri of Street Fighter, and Metal Gear Solid cosplays, with the finalized winnings to be announced after the Awards Ceremony. To transition into the Awards Ceremony the Carolina D20 Girls were brought on stage to dance to PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’, joined on stage towards the end, by a few of the crowd members, to include an adorable little boy, who could not have been more than five or six, with some ‘killer moves.’ Shortly after, the D20 Girls also danced to another viral hit the Macarena, pumping up various members of the crowd with the nostalgic song.

adachi, momo photo by photonxs

The Awards Ceremony commenced with the introductions of the Master of Ceremonies Patrick Scott Patterson and Rachel Laura (both also guest speakers and panelists). They guided the ceremony along with much enthusiasm, despite the increasing tiredness of the crowd as the Awards Ceremony

had many categories, stretching a tad over two hours, with the D20 Girls guiding the category winners across the stage. Summit directors and Tournament directors were recognized for their efforts. Second and third place winners received handshakes and pictures with the directors, while first place received the same with plaques to affirm their victories. Taking a slight pause from the numerous categories, the official cosplay winners were announced. Third place was nabbed by Sora, second by Pyramid Head, and the the victory went to Princess Zelda with her intricately made costume. The remaining gaming category winners were presented and The MCs
wrapped up the Carolina Game Summit wishing a good night to all, and for a fun filled Carolina Game Summit for next year!