Chic Geek: How to be Geek on a Dime

April 1, 2013

Hello, and welcome to The Chic Geek! We all have our favorite nerd genres, be they sci-fi, anime, manga, steampunk, cosplay, tabletop and video gaming or whatever else tickles your geeky fancy. We dedicate a lot of our spare time to these interests of ours, and after some time they become more than just a hobby, they become a way of life. We fall in love with the characters in these movies, shows, games and books. We laugh, cry, and love, right along with them. And we want to share our hardcore fangirl/boy love with our family, friends and the entire world! But, what’s the best way to show your love for these characters(and your appreciation for their creators) on a daily basis? I mean, you definitely can’t go to work dressed in Leeloo’s bandage outfit, or walk around town as post Zerg transformation Sarah Kerrigan. Or can you? Wait, no, no you can’t.

But fear not fellow geeks, that’s why I’m here! Every month I’ll be bringing you an awesome and affordable daily outfit, based on a fictional character. Any fictional character! Aside from being a geek, I have a love of fashion, and I’m very excited to combine the two for the D20 Girls Blog! So, if you want to dress like your favorite geek genre characters, then tune in next month, and let The Chic Geek show you how it’s done.