I was running into a party planner’s block this month while trying to think of a theme for my next get together, so I did what I always do when I find myself in a rut, Internets. I opened up my browser and began clicking my way through picture after picture and then it hit me! IMGUR! So party planning began. I knew right off that this party was going to be more of an adult audience, so for those of you who are looking for a children’s party, [mind trick hand wave] this is not the article you are looking for. You may want to check out some of my previous articles. Let me try to sum up Imgur for those of you who have never been to this site, Giraffe, safes, a tiny adorable kitten [banana for scale]. Okay that’s not really all Imgur is about, it’s actually a photo sharing site that is used often times with Reddit and according the Imgur itself it “has the funniest pictures from all over the Internet” which I wholeheartedly agree. So maybe you’re wondering how you host a party that is based off of nothing but images, it’s done carefully, humorously & awkwardly awesome. Decorations for a site that is as random as the internet itself is a little sporadic but this also gives you a lot of leeway. Random meme’s were printed off and placed around the living room along with a few stuff giraffes, adorable kitten pictures, banana’s, and a safe. As my guests arrived I asked them to ‘sign in’ to the party using the most creative username & password they could come up with. We all decided that we would do a potluck as far as food was concerned and I created sheets that could serve as place mats for the food. This was referred to as the user submitted potluck and just as expected one friend showed up empty handed and was deemed as the ‘OP who didn't deliver’ along with a few other terms that most Imugurians know and use quite often with OP’s. Allowing guests to bring their own dish was a nice change from typical parties that I have thrown as it gave my friends to show off their cooking skills as well as a broader array of food. After we had stuffed ourselves full we waddled to the living room in preparation of games! I had asked my guests before hand to bring a laptop, tablet, or cell phone that was capable of connecting to WiFi so that we could play our own little Imgur game…we called it the Imgur game [yeah…I couldn't think of a better title]. The gist of the game is as follows, you set up categories (5 in our case:  Funny, Aww, Creepy, WTF, & NSFW) and give your guests 30 seconds to find what they think best fits the category for that round. Once they found their image they turn their phone/tablet over, or put a cover on their laptop to show they are done. After time is up or everyone has their picture chosen, the images are revealed and (up/down) voted on. Guests who received the most down votes on their image will be deducted from their total score at the end of the game. If two or more people have the same image the person who laid their phone/tablet down or covered their screen  first gets to keep the image as their own while all other receive a ‘Re-post’ card. The game ends when you have finished your categories (or when you want to stop) and the person with the most up votes wins. Being as this party is for adults we turned the Imgur game into a drinking game. For the winner (& loser) of each round they took a shot. The up vote shots that my guests took included Puckers Sour Apple, Midori, and the Green Demon. For those who received the most down votes in the rounds we had the Fire Engine, Hot Hot Hot, and the Hot Bloody shot. You can really serve any green colored drinks for up votes or red tinted shots for down votes. We even added a drink for the grammar Nazi’s of our group called the Screaming Nazi  which was to be taken when someone pointed out any grammatical error in either an image or in a conversation. Another random shot that we had was the Patrick Irish car bomb, which is an Irish Car Bomb with grenadine added to it to give it a pinkish color. This shot was taken when a guest spotted Patrick Star in the room. At the end of the night I opened the safe to give out awards [because this OP delivers].  The guest • Guest(s) that didn't bring any food: OP better deliver (next time). • Guest with the most Up votes: Front page! • Guest with the most Down votes: Down Voted into Oblivion! • Guest with the most re-post cards: Every Post is a Re-post • First guest to spot/point out Patrick Star: When you see it I know that this article was shorter than my previous ones but the best advice I can give for an Imgur party is to have fun and be responsible. Make it however you want and just go with the laughter. As always, if you have any questions or ideas that you believe could be added to an Imgur party feel free to let me know. Thank you all for your time & have a great party!    
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